Kuriio :: The name is a combination of the words “kawaii” – “cute” in Japanese – and “curiosity”

Kuriio clothing is made for city faeries, for tea-party goers, for night-lurkers, maybe its made for you. Kuriio is slow fashion. It is clothing that is meant to degrade and to be mended. It doesn’t matter if it gets a tear or a stain, sew it or patch it if you like, its meant to change and grow with each wearer. The clothing isn’t meant to be perfect, it is made like a puzzle with reclaimed materials, pieces lost and forgotten, treasures from the city. Kuriio clothing is created by one girl and one sewing machine.

I am a graphic designer, fashion designer, jewelry designer, wing designer, anything designer.  Born and raised in Spokane, WA. I graduated from Spokane Falls Community College in both the Graphic and Web Design programs. I started sewing when I was 16, never receiving any formal training. I learned fiber arts from my mother, aunts and grandmothers. Cramming my room in my parents house with piles of fabric and sewing things, bringing home weird things from garage sales, the river, or the woods. I grew up in a beyond creative environment and after moving out into my own house and studio of its own, still tend to land at my parents to learn/try something new. My husband is a photographer, videographer and music maker so we like to come up with wild and fun things to do and create. I love the forest, natural materials, reclaiming things and using recycling in my art and design.

I am the artist behind Kuriio™.